Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ah, sleep...how I long for thee...

This bites. It is in the wee (and by that I mean 4:00 am) hours of the morning, and for the second time in two weeks, I cannot fall asleep. This is incredibly frustrating. Last time, I managed to get about 2 hours of shut-eye, but I have a feeling I won't get that lucky tonight. Rats.

I have no clue why. I'm assuming it's because there's so much going on in my life right now, that I can't shut off my stupid brain. So, I turn on the laptop and sit here typing my woes to an audience that neither exists nor cares. How's that for depressing?

Tyler has officially graduated from first grade! He is on the A-honor roll (imagine that), and is an accelerated reader. He also recieved the award from his teacher for the "best manners". Good to know all that stuff I beat into him at home is working. LOL. So, he will be going to the Y this summer again...it was so good for him physically last year that I've decided to suck it up financially and do it again. He will be out for three weeks in July so he can have specialized therapy for his arm, but otherwise, he will be spending his days swimming and playing with his little buds. School starts up again on August 11th (I think); we will find out in mid-July who his new teacher is.

Marc is doing well...crazy busy. Some days he doesn't have time to go to the gym, and sometimes he never gets to eat dinner. I am sending him boxes full of stuff he can make in his room or office, so at least if he gets hosed out of a real meal at the chow hall, at least he can have something from the microwave. He still enjoys his job and the folks he's working with. They just had a new rotation start, so the guys he's with now, he'll be with until he finishes his deployment. We are three months in, and counting. Six to his visit, and nine to the finish line. I do have to say, that as much as he makes me nuts when he's here, and that it's really nice to have a house that actually stays clean (even with a seven year old living in it), it is really starting to suck not having anyone to talk to at night. It can get pretty lonely here, when everyone is asleep except me, and all I hear is the static on the monitor from Tyler's room, and the stupid gerbil running in his wheel like he's being chased by a large cat.

Well, I have successfully wasted enough time, both mine and yours. Thanks for reading the sob story. I'm sure that when Tyler wakes up in the morning...hell, in about three hours...and the sun is shining, things will feel just fine. I imagine I'll be too tired to give a shit about much, though....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I've been informed that I'm a slacker...

My dear, sweet husband sent me a text from somewhere in Europe, informing me that I have slacked on updating the blog. This tells me that the man had a reeeeaaalllly long layover and was bored out of his mind. So, to appease him, I am hereby updating you on the goings-on with us.

First, Marc is in Afghanistan. For a year. He left on February 15, will return for a 2-week visit in November, go back, then come home for good in February of next year. It's gonna be a long one! I am pretty independent and have no problem being alone, but being a "single" mom? Holy crap! I am now Mom, Dad and playmate. I am exhausted! It took a while to fall into a routine that works well for Tyler and I, but we managed to finally do it.

Second, I left my position as barn manager where I board Ranger at. The job, although I adored it, was consuming every aspect of my life. I was there constantly...late evenings, weekends, etc. I seemed to always be filling in for someone, taking up the slack, doing the grunge work. I didn't mind it for a long time, but it got to be very mentally crushing. I became very negative, and started to hate to go out there. Bad sign. So, after a rough week, I let the job go. Now mind you, I NEVER got paid for the job; I received some "perks" like free board and whatnot, but I never actually earned any money at it. In fact, I'll probably save money now that I'm paying board again...does that make sense? So, I have gone back to being a plain-vanilla boarder, and am loving it. I have such a freedom now, and Tyler is beyond extatic. He gets so excited when I pick him up early from the YMCA...he knows it's dinner, homework, and then playing until it's time to get ready for bed. I just realized that jobs will come and go, but Tyler is a permanent part of my life, and he needs to come first. He already has one absent parent; he certainly doesn't need two.

Next, the projects that need to be done around here are mind-boggling. OMG. Marc is damn lucky he's so far away, cuz I have to do all this crap by myself and if he was here, I'd have a few choice words...LOL! :) In addition to the brakes needing to be done on both vehicles, they both need the oil changed and a major spa day. Outside the house is landscaping, bush trimming, flower planting, and now Tyler has this wild idea that we need a vegetable garden. Ugh. I still have to put on the new shutters and order/install the front screen door. The blinds on the back door won't open cuz the little stick broke off. I hate the shelves in the laundry room cuz it looks so busy and cluttered in there...I would really love to install cabinets instead. I have to finish painting the trim in my bedroom and all the exterior doors. The carpets desperately need to be cleaned. I still loathe the lights/fans in the living room and dining room (what we use as the den), and am determined to replace them both. I have a fabulous new piece of artwork that needs to be framed so I can finally hang it up. Geez, complain much?! I know I have lots of time to get all this stuff done...especially since I'm unemployed...but I hate having this stuff hanging over my head all the time. I have NO patience, so this is kinda frustrating for me.

Tyler and I decided that the guest room is out. We sold the bed to someone who really needed it. We bought three bookshelves and I brought down his table from the attic. We now officially have a craft room! We can sit in there for hours making all kinds of crap, and we each have our own little space. It's awesome! When guests do come, we'll collapse my table and store it in the closet. We'll have a pop-up queen bed frame that we'll set up, put an air mattress on it, dress it up with nice bedding, and it'll be a comfy private space for our guests. Consider yourself forewarned...

This September, I am heading to KY for the World Equestrian Games. They are always held overseas, and three years ago it was announced that they would be in Lexington; I am gonna be there too! Mom and Dad are being gracious and coming to stay with Tyler while I drive up to KY for 5 days of horse eutopia. I've purchased the tickets and paid for the hotel room already. Now I just need someone to come with me! No, I'm not kidding. I have the stuff and no travel partner yet. I THOUGHT I had a travel partner, but could not get a definite answer, so I just got the stuff and will hope someone will be willing to pay for half the stuff. If I can't bribe/convince anyone to come along with me, then either Mom or Dad will come along to keep me company. I have waited 3 years for this event, and it will most likely never be held in the US again; there is no way I'm gonna miss it...deployed hubby or not! Thank God Mom and Dad are retired and can help me out!!

Otherwise, all things are great here in AL. The weather is getting much warmer, the trees are blooming, and life is pretty good. I love this little town I'm in, and I don't ever want to leave it. It's the first place I've lived that I actually feel completely at-ease and safe. I love my house. I love Tyler's school. I love where I board Ranger. I've made some fantastic friends. Marc is gonna have a REAL hard time convincing me to move again...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Holy crap, it's still here!

Okay, so I totally thought that after all this time, my blog would have been vaporized. Imagine my surprise when I clicked on the link and poof! here it is...

So, things are gonna get hairy here pretty quick. Today is Thursday. Marc leaves Monday for Afghanistan. For a year. Yikes. I know it'll go pretty quick, but the "goodbye" part is gonna kill me. I've been so tense lately that my shoulders are up in my ears, the headaches are back, all I want to do is sleep, and I'm horribly un-motivated. Great, this oughta be fun. Thankfully, Tyler and I have a great support system, great school/job, great family and great friends. It'll be a long year, but I think we'll be okay.

I'll fill you in more, after I know he's safe on the ground on the other side of the world...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Long time, no see!

Ugh. Sorry for the massive delay in updating the blog. Here's the latest going on with all of us...

MARC: we just found out he's been promoted to MAJOR!!! We're so excited! He won't pin on the rank (read that as...get the paycheck) until next September, but at least we know it's on the horizon for him. In addition to the promotion, he found out that he was selected for the Air Command and Staff (ACSC) schooling that's here at the base. Basically, it's a required course for new Majors, and to get an in-residence (versus correspondence) slot is awesome. From what I understand, it means he was among the top 10% of newly promoted people to be given a school slot right off the bat. Everyone else will have to "compete" for their slots. SO cool. We're hoping that they will add that one year to the end of our assignment here...rather than integrate it into our time. Marc still wakes up at night with pain in his feet, but not as often. He did change his running program...now he's only running 3 days a week. He seems to have figured out that if he rubs the back of his knee and upper calf, the pain will subside and he can go back to sleep. Weird. He has some big physical fitness test to pass this month, and after that's done, he'll go back to the doctor and see what they can do for him. Otherwise, things are same-o same-o for Marc. Work is good, he's had to start cutting the grass already, and slowly the garage is getting re-organized.

TYLER: This kid loves school. He has so much fun! He's reading like a champ; in fact, his teacher told me he reads better than most second graders! He can read really big words (satellite, astronaut, different, somewhere); stuff that most Kindergarteners aren't "supposed" to be able to read yet. Yeah. Now they've met Tyler. He has his daddy's brain! He's also doing some math, and likes that quite a bit. He's still our little computer and gadget freak. When we got our new computer, we put the old one in his room. He doesn't have the internet, but he can watch movies, play games, and dink around in MSWord. He can get that computer to do things I didn't even know it could do. It's freaky. We enrolled him in soccer through the YMCA...he LOVES soccer. It's one sport I have no problem with him playing...football is OUT! He spent Spring Break with me at the barn; he was in the Horse Camp we had going on out there. He rode Ranger every day...all by himself! He learned how to go, stop and turn. They went on a trail ride, did lots of arts and crafts stuff, and generally just had a blast. He wears a riding helmet (we all do), so when he fell off those two times...my heart only stopped for a second or two... :) He is growing like a weed...jeans that fit him at the beginning of winter are getting too short. We measured him the other day, and he's 44 1/2 inches, and he weighs about 40 pounds. He's no longer in his old car-seats...they've been replaced by high-back booster seats. They're much easier for him to get in and out of, although I'm still nervous about him not being in a 5-point harness system. He's finally able to enjoy a lot of the stuff he got for Christmas, since the weather is warming up...soccer goal, bow and arrows, etc. We're scheduling him an appointment with a doctor in Atlanta...a pediatric cerebral palsy specialist. We need someone to coordinate all of his care...someone who can tell us what needs to happen and be done, instead of us trying to be in charge. We also want to make sure that what's currently being done is the best for him. He's supposed to have OT therapy (for his hand) once a week, but we're lucky to get in once a month. I'll keep you posted on all that...

SHANNON: I'm still working at the barn, although I'm there 5 days a week now. I totally love it! I keep it clean and organized, help the barn owner with special projects, and now that the weather is better, I'll be riding horses in addition to Ranger. I'm learning so much about everything involved with a boarding facility...hopefully I'll have my own facility some day! I come home tired and dirty, but I've never been happier at a job in my life. As for scrapbooking, that kind of went on the back burner for a while. I've done very little this year so far, but am starting to get back into it. Otherwise, my life is full and happy these days!

RANGER: this guy continues to amaze me. Some of you may already know that on March 8th, we celebrated his 25th birthday with a party at the barn. It was so much fun! We did it as a potluck, and there were so many people there! I was so thrilled that so many came out for us. I made Ranger a carrot cake, and he LOVED it! He ate dang near the whole thing! We have lots of photos, and some video. The following weekend, we had an Equine Chiropractor come to the barn...she had 11 horses to work on, Ranger being one of them. She was blown away by how fit he is! She said there literally wasn't a bone in his body that is showing his age. His lumbar spine should be starting to stick up, and his is still flat as a board! He needed very little adjustment, and he seemed to enjoy what she did need to fix. It's quite a treat for us to get a specialist like this at the barn; we're now on her "route" so we'll be seeing her again. Needless to say, my head was too big to get out the barn door that day. In February, he injured his right front foot, and he couldn't be ridden for a month. I had to go to the barn every day to take care of the wound and re-bandage it. He was on stall-rest for the first two weeks (not a happy boy) because the mud was so bad I was afraid he'd contaminate the wound. Since then, it has healed nicely and there's no visible sign that it even happened. In the 16 years I've owned him, this is the worst injury he's ever had. Knock on wood. A LOT of wood...

PIPER: he hates the rain. Poor PeeWee...we've had so much rain lately that he's forced to go out in it to take care of his business. I swear, if we had a litter box, he'd use it! He's our little snuggler, and will sneak into my side of the bed in the mornings to get warm. He plays very, very well with Tyler, and has learned that if Tyler gives him a command, he needs to listen. We had an issue with that for a while, but P caught on. One thing I find interesting, though...he gets very distraught when Tyler is crying. He'll come to where Tyler is and sit with him. If he gets the chance, he'll lick Tyler's face. We don't know what this means, but it sure makes Tyler stop crying. We just tell him Snot-Puppy is there to clean up his face, and he starts laughing. Nice.

FAMILY STUFF: this year we're planning to take Tyler to DisneyWorld. They have a deal this year for military members...Marc gets a 5-day Park Hopper pass for free, and we get ours for $99 each. That will save us a huge amount of money! We can drive there in about 7 or 8 hours, so that eliminates plane fare. We don't know when we're going yet, but it'll be in June or July. Tyler has NO IDEA we're going, in case something happens and we don't go after all. We don't want him to be disappointed. As for the rest of our travels this year, we have no idea. I still want to go back to Abilene for a visit, so I may take Tyler and we'd go without Marc (he could care less about going). There have been too many times that I've been "this close" to going out there and never make it. Grrrr. Everyone is, of course, always welcome to visit us!

HOUSE: we love it! It's coming along really well. I'm slowly getting Marc to let me replace light fixtures...what's in here is SO ugly. We have some landscaping issues to tackle both in the front and back yards, and we need to add concrete to the driveway to make it wider. We're going to get new shutters and maybe a new front door. If we don't get a new door, we're going to paint the existing one. I do want to add a screen door of some sort, though. I love opening the windows to get air through the house...especially when it's not humid out. We have yet to paint the kitchen. I don't think we've actually agreed on the color yet. We have to prime it first, though. At least that hideous border is gone...yuck.

Well, that seems to be all that my pea-brain can remember right now. I promise to be better about updating, and I'll get some photos uploaded one of these days. We hope all is well with you!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Various updates...

First off, the neighbor's dad seems to be doing better. He's off the ventilator and breathing on his own, but is still on oxygen. He may be suckin' on an air-hose for the rest of his life, but at least he'll be alive, right?! The lab results from his lung biopsy are still not back, although his lungs are clear and there's no sign of pneumonia. He's still in the hospital, but his spirits are good, and the family is visiting him every day. Hopefully he can go home soon.

So, instead of Disney, we went to the farm for about 4 days. The goats had babies! One was born Christmas Day, so he's named Christmas Spirit (Spirit is what we call him). The other two were born the day we got to the farm. Number two is a girl, named Bella. The third birth was a nightmare. I'm telling you...if we weren't there, this momma and baby would've died. I heard her bellowing around the side of the barn, and she didn't sound right...is sounded like pain. So, we hustled her into the barn and got a light on her (it was really dark out)...baby was WAY too big for momma to deliver on her own, as well as momma too young to have been bred...so she's got this little pelvis and big honkin' baby. So, to save you from the gross details, it took three of us, but we got the baby out and both he and momma are doing fine. Momma wouldn't talk to us for a day or two, but she eventually "got over it". The baby boy is snow-white and has a tuft of white hair smack in the middle of his head...so George named him Snowball. We call him Lucky. Other than that, the time spent out there was productive...we got equipment moved, sheds cleaned out and rearranged, leaves burned and some fence work done. The indoor horse stall was set up, and now all we need to do is cut the door in the side of the barn so they can get into it from their paddock outside. We always have fun down there, and we haven't been there in a while, so it was a good four days. Tyler LOVED the baby goats, and he also got to brush and play a little with his goat, Leo.

My horse trailer is gone!!! :) I am so happy!! There's a girl who lives about half an hour from me who called the other day, very interested in the trailer. She came by the house today to take a look at it, and fell in love. It's exactly what she's looking for. So, we drove it to her place, to make sure her big honkin' horse will fit into it...he did. She has a trailer that she's trying to sell, too, for the same price as mine. In fact, her ad was the one directly below mine in the local classified paper. Her trailer is basically what I'm looking for. So, we traded! We swapped titles, did a bill of sale for each trailer for one dollar, swapped out the license plates, and now there's a nice trailer in my driveway that I get to "play" with and put all my goodies in. I'm so happy it worked out! Ranger will be so happy to see it, I'm sure...

Marc continues to have pain in his feet at night. This is really getting annoying. He also dang near blacks-out every time he stands up; that's because his heart rate is so low that the blood can't zip up to his head that fast when he stands. But, just to be on the safe side, he's seeing a cardiologist on Tuesday. Tonight, however, he discovered that there's a large section of the outside of his left thigh that has no feeling. He had me poke him with the pointy end of a tweezer while he closed his eyes. He definitely can't feel anything, cuz I was pokin him pretty hard. :) The saga continues. My theory all along is that he has a nerve pinched either in his neck (which he cracks all the time) or in his lower back/pelvic area. I hope it can get figured out soon; he's starting to stress out about it more and more...me, too.

Tyler participated in the fun-show at the barn this past Saturday. He rode Ranger in the leadline class. Basically, you plunk a kid on top of a horse, and you walk next to the horse leading it around. Tyler was the only one in the class, but was SO excited when he got a blue ribbon! He said he got it because he has such good posture when he rides. :) It was really cute. He does have awesome posture, though. He's really been showing a lot more interest lately in riding (be still, my heart!). He knows how to hold the reins, make Ranger go, turn and stop. I walk next to Ranger while Tyler does all these things. What Tyler doesn't know, though, is that Ranger will follow me anywhere, whether I have him on a lead rope or not. So, Ranger follows me around while Tyler is "steering"...that way, Tyler gets the idea of what to do up in the saddle, but his confidence is boosted because Ranger is "obeying" him. There's nothing worse than a frustrated kid on top of a horse who won't do what the kid is asking it to do. Gradually, I'll let Tyler have more control...as in, I'll stand in one spot and Tyler will make Ranger do the stuff. Ranger WILL listen to Tyler, but he'll stay close to me since he knows he's packing the boy up there. He's the perfect horse for Tyler to learn on...

One of my best friends, Leah, is having weight-loss surgery on Tuesday. It's been a long-time coming for this, and she's both nervous and excited. It's being done via laparascope, so her recovery time will be quite short. Getting the weight off is essential to her health, since her blood pressure has been affected, and she also has diabetes (controlled by diet). She has good eating habits...healthy eating habits...but has tried for so long to lose the weight to no avail. She's been to the gym, she's made lifestyle and diet changes, nothing has worked for her. So, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I'll update you on her progress. We have a mutual friend who had the same surgery last summer, and has lost 70 pounds so far. Her energy is up, she's more motivated, and can play with her two busy boys now. We're all looking forward to the same results for Leah!

Marc heads back to work tomorrow (the 5th), and Tyler goes back to school on Tuesday the 6th. I'll be at the barn every day this week except Monday...I can't wait!

On a great job note...the new manager hired for the barn sucks. She's not motivated, not interested, seems to have no initiative, and generally seems to do just the bare minimum required. The barn owner, Anna, whom I love to death, is so stressed out and upset by it. We had a nice talk after the show on Saturday, and she told me that she's giving the new manager one more chance to do better, and if she fails, she's gone. So, we discussed ME working out there five days a week...feeding the horses breakfast and turning them out for the day, doing all of the regular stuff I do now, and riding horses for her. I would totally LOVE that! So, I'll keep you posted on that...cross your fingers!

New Year's Eve was spent at a restaurant getting crappy service, and therefore the waitress got no tip. Then I find out they charged my debit card twice. Ugh. We're not eating there anymore. We got home after 8, and we both felt like crap. Thank God we have two bathrooms, you know? Tyler was fine, and he crashed at about 9. We watched a movie, and then watched the ball go down in Times Square. We hit the hay at about one; nothing special about NYE for us!

Christmas was great...Tyler was SO excited. He got lots of wonderful gifts, and has played with everything. He got a lot of games, which we were really happy about, since we had virtually none. We've decided to institute game night every week...probably Friday nights. Tyler really liked the idea. He got a few games for his computer, so Marc is busy cleaning all the extra crap off his hard-drive so the games will run without problems. Then, Marc has to install the internet for him...that was our "big" gift to Tyler this year...he's been asking for it for months. He likes Playhouse Disney and Noggin. So, when that's all installed, we'll load the games and he'll be all set. We're loading the games after the internet because some of the games have things you can connect to on the internet, and our techno-geek child will want to test that function out. :)

Well, off to watch a movie. Dances With Wolves is on; although it's one of my favorites, it's a long sucker...four hours. I'll be lucky to get through most of it before I have the DVR take over for me.

I hope everyone's holidays were great, and that you're looking forward to 2009. I'll be happy if the gas stays cheap and the economy gets better!! I like paying $1.39 for a gallon of gas, but not $4 for a gallon of milk............

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The good, the bad, and the ugly

I'll do these backwards, so the post ends happy rather than sad!

First: the good...it's Christmas! Tyler is so excited, he can hardly stand himself. Tonight we'll be making Reindeer Munch and baking Christmas cut-out cookies. These are the same cookies I've made nearly every year of my life...Mom's recipe is the best! We'll decorate them tomorrow night, and Tyler will select the two best ones to leave for Santa. This year, he wrote his very own letter to Santa, rather than "dictating" to me as he has done in the past. It's in his stocking, so when Santa comes he can read it and leave what he can. Tyler understands that Santa's sleigh doesn't have room for everything! :) Needless to say, I'll be scrapping that letter into his book.

Next: the bad...our trip to Disney World for Christmas has been cancelled (see "the ugly"). Tyler knows nothing about it, so there's no disappoinment on his part,thankfully. We're hoping to go for either Spring Break or during the summer. We'll see how it goes.

Last: the ugly...our neighbors, Deborah and George, were the ones taking us with them to Disney. George is part of the Wounded Warrior program, and they gave him a one-week trip to Disney to be used whenever he wants it. The program pays for the three-bedroom condo for a week, and gives them free one-day passes to Disney. They asked us to join them, since they had such a large place to stay. We heartily agreed, and have been looking forward to it for about a month or so. Now, insert the ugly part. George's father was sent to the hospital for the fourth time on Monday morning...he's been trying to conquer pneumonia since before Thanksgiving. The last I heard, he had been transferred into the Critical Care Unit, was going to be put on a ventilator, had spiked a fever of 104, and the entire family has been called in. I have had no update today, so I'm not sure what's going on at this minute. I thought a specialist was coming today from Birmingham to do a lung biopsy.

So, the ugly is definitely very ugly, created the bad, and we're now concentrating on the good.

Oh, and I have to shop at Wal-Mart tonight after Tyler goes to bed. Turns out we were going to give him the trip for Christmas, and Santa was providing the wrapables. Now, no trip AND no gift from Mom and Dad. I figure I'd better get something, lest he think we're losers!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Can I get a little more stress, please????

Ugh. So, I'm selling my horse trailer, and trying to look for the deal of the century on a newer one. That's frustrating. I have to get up into the attic and drag out the umpteen boxes of Christmas decorations...then I have to put them up. I love having them up, but love it more in January when all that clutter goes back into the attic. I have a horse show this Saturday. I haven't been to a show in about 2 months. Thankfully, Ranger is at the point where I can just get on him and go, without worrying about his form or him paying attention to me. My job with the neighbors has changed, and long story short...I'm getting less than minimum wage to work my tail off. I'm not happy about that, especially since I don't HAVE to work. So, the barn owner and I are going to talk early next week about me doing more for her out at the barn. Everything I earn is credited toward my board fees, so that's nice. However, waiting until early next week to talk to her, since she's out of town, is going to make me insane. I'm not the most patient person on Earth.

So, as if that's not enough stress...let's add some more!

Monday night, my faithful old washing machine died. I have had this washer and dryer set for 18 years. Yes, you read that right. 18 years. There has NEVER been anything wrong with either of them. The washer started acting up when my parents were here earlier this year, and Dad got it back on track for me. But Monday night, it died. Sigh. I never thought I'd be sad about it, but I am. Thankfully though, I have an awesome husband.

He took my stress away. Well, at least part of it. Tonight, we went to Home Depot and ordered my new Maytag washer and dryer. They'll be here Tuesday. YIPEE!! The delivery company will take my old washer and send it to the Great Laundry Room in the Sky, and my old dryer will go out to the barn (the one out there now is awful). I'm so excited!

Some more exciting news...we're going to Disney World! Our neighbors got a condo for a week for free down there, so we're all piling into their Suburban on December 27th and going to see Mickey and Co. Tyler has NO idea. I'm going to get a Mickey Mouse helium balloon and wrap it in a box. When he opens the box, Mickey floats up with a note on the string that says "Tyler come see me!". Then we'll fill Ty in on the details. I cannot imagine the magnitude of his Happy Hopping when he finds out! I'll have to make sure to videotape it for posterity!

Otherwise, there's not a whole lot going on here. The weather is okay during the day and freakin' cold at night...this morning we woke up to frost.

Tyler got a haircut today...finally. This morning he woke up with Squirrel-Boy hair, so I took him after school. He looks so cute! This week, we'll all dress up nice, set up the camera and take a family photo to use for our Christmas cards. I bought Piper a little elf costume...it's a ruff for around his neck and a hat that velcro's on his head. I'm not sure if he'll wear it in the photo or not; he might be too humiliated to look at the camera! :)

Well, I'm off to search the internet again. Looking for a good deal on a trailer is actually harder to do than I thought it would be....