Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I've been informed that I'm a slacker...

My dear, sweet husband sent me a text from somewhere in Europe, informing me that I have slacked on updating the blog. This tells me that the man had a reeeeaaalllly long layover and was bored out of his mind. So, to appease him, I am hereby updating you on the goings-on with us.

First, Marc is in Afghanistan. For a year. He left on February 15, will return for a 2-week visit in November, go back, then come home for good in February of next year. It's gonna be a long one! I am pretty independent and have no problem being alone, but being a "single" mom? Holy crap! I am now Mom, Dad and playmate. I am exhausted! It took a while to fall into a routine that works well for Tyler and I, but we managed to finally do it.

Second, I left my position as barn manager where I board Ranger at. The job, although I adored it, was consuming every aspect of my life. I was there constantly...late evenings, weekends, etc. I seemed to always be filling in for someone, taking up the slack, doing the grunge work. I didn't mind it for a long time, but it got to be very mentally crushing. I became very negative, and started to hate to go out there. Bad sign. So, after a rough week, I let the job go. Now mind you, I NEVER got paid for the job; I received some "perks" like free board and whatnot, but I never actually earned any money at it. In fact, I'll probably save money now that I'm paying board again...does that make sense? So, I have gone back to being a plain-vanilla boarder, and am loving it. I have such a freedom now, and Tyler is beyond extatic. He gets so excited when I pick him up early from the YMCA...he knows it's dinner, homework, and then playing until it's time to get ready for bed. I just realized that jobs will come and go, but Tyler is a permanent part of my life, and he needs to come first. He already has one absent parent; he certainly doesn't need two.

Next, the projects that need to be done around here are mind-boggling. OMG. Marc is damn lucky he's so far away, cuz I have to do all this crap by myself and if he was here, I'd have a few choice words...LOL! :) In addition to the brakes needing to be done on both vehicles, they both need the oil changed and a major spa day. Outside the house is landscaping, bush trimming, flower planting, and now Tyler has this wild idea that we need a vegetable garden. Ugh. I still have to put on the new shutters and order/install the front screen door. The blinds on the back door won't open cuz the little stick broke off. I hate the shelves in the laundry room cuz it looks so busy and cluttered in there...I would really love to install cabinets instead. I have to finish painting the trim in my bedroom and all the exterior doors. The carpets desperately need to be cleaned. I still loathe the lights/fans in the living room and dining room (what we use as the den), and am determined to replace them both. I have a fabulous new piece of artwork that needs to be framed so I can finally hang it up. Geez, complain much?! I know I have lots of time to get all this stuff done...especially since I'm unemployed...but I hate having this stuff hanging over my head all the time. I have NO patience, so this is kinda frustrating for me.

Tyler and I decided that the guest room is out. We sold the bed to someone who really needed it. We bought three bookshelves and I brought down his table from the attic. We now officially have a craft room! We can sit in there for hours making all kinds of crap, and we each have our own little space. It's awesome! When guests do come, we'll collapse my table and store it in the closet. We'll have a pop-up queen bed frame that we'll set up, put an air mattress on it, dress it up with nice bedding, and it'll be a comfy private space for our guests. Consider yourself forewarned...

This September, I am heading to KY for the World Equestrian Games. They are always held overseas, and three years ago it was announced that they would be in Lexington; I am gonna be there too! Mom and Dad are being gracious and coming to stay with Tyler while I drive up to KY for 5 days of horse eutopia. I've purchased the tickets and paid for the hotel room already. Now I just need someone to come with me! No, I'm not kidding. I have the stuff and no travel partner yet. I THOUGHT I had a travel partner, but could not get a definite answer, so I just got the stuff and will hope someone will be willing to pay for half the stuff. If I can't bribe/convince anyone to come along with me, then either Mom or Dad will come along to keep me company. I have waited 3 years for this event, and it will most likely never be held in the US again; there is no way I'm gonna miss it...deployed hubby or not! Thank God Mom and Dad are retired and can help me out!!

Otherwise, all things are great here in AL. The weather is getting much warmer, the trees are blooming, and life is pretty good. I love this little town I'm in, and I don't ever want to leave it. It's the first place I've lived that I actually feel completely at-ease and safe. I love my house. I love Tyler's school. I love where I board Ranger. I've made some fantastic friends. Marc is gonna have a REAL hard time convincing me to move again...

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